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  So You Want to Learn to Yodel?
Margo Smith Yodeling Project.
Includes instruction book & tape / "Back in the Swing"
$24.95    $6.95  
  Swiss, Cowboy & Country
A compilation of great yodeling songs combining songs from
Back in the Swing
with 6 songs from The Best of the Tennessee Yodeler for a delightful display of Margo's yodeling talent.
$13.95 $17.95 $4.95  
  Back in the Swing
Includes "Boogie - Woogie Yodeler's Blues", "Help Me Make It Through The Day" and several more new yodel songs.
$12.00 $15.00 $4.95  
  The Best of the Tennessee Yodeler
Features "Cowboy Yodel Song", "He Taught Me to Yodel", "Ridin High", "Chime Bells", and ten more great songs.
$12.00 $15.00 $4.95  
  The Soft Side of Margo - Margo's Greatest Hits
Includes "Don't Break the Heart That Loves You", "There I Said It", "It Only Hurts For A Little While", "Little Things Mean A Lot",
"Take My Breath Away", and many more.
$12.00 $15.00 $4.95  
  The Best Yet
Features "I'm Only Filling In", "Hold Me", "Someday", "Harbor Lights", and more.
$12.00    $4.95  
Christian Country with Margo and her daughter Holly, featuring "Wishes", "Love Is A Tool", and others.
$12.00 $15.00 $4.95  
  God's Bigger Than Wall Street
Margo's newest Christian country release. Featuring Her #1
 "God's Bigger Than Wall Street" and "From The Bottle To The Bible" and "Long Before I took His Hand"
$12.00 $15.00 $4.95  
  Just the Beginning
Christian Country with Margo and her daughter Holly, featuring
"The Rain Falls", "Rise Up" and others.
$12.00 $15.00 $4.95  
  Ridin' High
Early Margo with great songs like "Wantin' "Needin'," "Without Angie," "Ridin' High" and "Wedding Bells."
$12.00    $4.95  
  Country Treasures
Twenty of Margo's favorites including, Baby Go To Your Room
and Play, Just Out Of The Reach (of my two empty arms),
Your The Song and Cup of Tea (Duet with Rex Allen Jr.)
NA $16.00 $4.95  
Nothing To Lose
"Nothing To Lose"  "Love the Sinner" and "God gave me you"
NA $15.00 $4.95  
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  Cowboy's Sweetheart
CMT video with Margo & Johnny Russell
$14.95   $5.95  

Souvenir Items

  Tour Jackets
Margo Smith Show Jackets
Black-lined Jacket - White lettering
Your name on front, Margo's logo on back.
Specify:    S     M     L     XL
$75.00   $9.95  
  Hats - With Margo Smith logo hatband $9.95   $4.95  
  Hat Pins
Specify: Black/White Inlay or Mauve/Grey Inlay
$3.00   $4.95  
With Margo Smith logo in blue on white shirt
$17.95   $4.95  
  Belt Buckle
Oval buckle with red Margo Smith Inlay on white gold edge
$25.00   $4.95  
  8 X 10 Color Photo $5.00   $4.95  
  8 X 10 Black & White Photo $3.00   $4.95  



Margo Smith's Country Cookbook

  Margo's Country Cookbook $19.95   $5.95  


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